Our Story

Hello.  I'm Ross.  I’d been a “corporate wonk” for much of my professional career heading up marketing and practice management functions at a large investment management firm.  In the spring of 2017, I left the corporate world to nurture my serial fascination, exploration and joy of arts and crafts.  As owner and artisan, I specialize in applying my mastery of hand- and laser-etching techniques to turn the everyday ordinary into the everyday extraordinary. With great designs and a whole lot of creativity, the everyday swing top bottle, glassware, mason jars and votive holder get turned into something extraordinary that makes a statement and amplifies the personality of our customers' homes. 

It all began...

When I was a kid, I had a love affair with decorative arts.  I was the kid that would go to craft fairs, see something that inspired me and then home to master the techniques while putting my own "spin" on it.  By the time I got to college, I discovered quilting. That was back in the pre-rotary cutter days so I developed a knack for hand cutting and piecing.  I do have to admit, however, that rotary cutting was a welcomed innovation that enabled log cabin quilts to become a regular part of my repertoire.

Enter glass...

We were redoing our backyard some years ago.  It’s a wonderful intimate space and I knew that some beautiful lanterns would create the right mood for those outdoor dinners. My husband (the G in OG) and I have always been drawn to South Asian and North African motifs and thought there may be some lanterns out there with interesting patterns that would really make a statement.  In my search through Google, I came upon artists painting amazing things on Mason Jars.  Just like the kid who was inspired at craft fairs, I dove into mastering glass painting techniques.  I became so prolific that it wasn’t unusual to see a routine shipment from jarstore.com on our front porch.  I developed a flair for henna patterns and floral motifs and backyard dinners took on a whole new ambience. 

I love how just a subtle change to the surface of the glass can create a whole new adventure.  Candlelight through an etched votive?  Nothing better.  And why would anyone want to serve water from an undecorated swing top bottle when it can be beautifully decorated to make a personal statement. 

So…there you have it.

I hope you'll explore and find something that makes a statement for you.  l look forward to hearing from you.