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S-Curve Bow Tie

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Accessorizing just got fun again. This "Basket Weave" bamboo bow tie is one chic piece of neckwear that is bound to captivate everyone who sees it. Finished with fabric or trim at its neck, the bow tie is ready to help you and your outfit look spectacular.

BUTTERFLY: 4.75"W x 2.25" H x .25" D

Original design by the artist in residence. Each piece is laser engraved to reveal shifts in color and tone that brings out the intricacies of the patterns. They are then sanded and oiled to bring out the material’s natural color.

I became hooked on wood bow ties years ago when a friend walked into the party we were attending, and his neck tie captured everyone’s attention. It immediately became a conversation piece and it screamed, fun! I was hooked.

As I surveyed the landscape, I found a recurring theme across makers—most were simply cutting out pieces of wood, attaching some fabric in the middle and calling it a day. I decided I could do better and took an inspired approach. Applying the unique patterns I originated for my lantern and lamp collection to the bow tie form, I’ve turned the basic into something captivating and an essential addition to every man’s wardrobe.

Each piece of wood has its own unique qualities which can have slight variations in tone. The photographs, however, are highly representative of the finished product you will receive.